A high level of professionalism is called for as a Carer.  Please remember that you are offering a service to your client. You are staff and not a member of their family. Do keep a professional distance. They already have the burden of having to employ a Care Giver. They will appreciate that you do not add to their worries by telling them all yours, your family’s or your friend’s. They do not want to know about the violence in South Africa or any other disaster that has befallen you or anyone that you know. Yes, some clients do like to gossip. Find good news to relate, or if they are Royalist, something about the Royal family. Do they thrive on knowing what the Beckhams are doing? Or the latest about East Enders?

I am really sorry to have to say this: DO NOT talk about one client to another. Certainly DO NOT complain to one client about another. DO NOT reveal the name of your client to anyone. DO NOT tell other staff members or friends any details about your client’s health or lack thereof.

As a professional, you will be aware of giving the client space while being able to keep an eye and ear open from a distance. Especially make yourself scarce when family and friends come to visit. You are not ‘in charge’ of your client. You are there to facilitate their lives and do those things for them that they are no longer able to.

They will appreciate your sensitivity around these areas.

Enjoy being of service. Know that you are making a difference to another. Know that you can brighten their day!