Probiotics! This is the new buzz word. Have you had yours today? The misuse of anti-biotics over the past few decades has lead to super bugs that are anti-biotic resistant. What can we do? We can revert to using probiotics to keep our bodies and our environment in good health.

Some cultures traditionally use probiotic foods. The Germans have sauerkraut, the Japanese have miso, the Koreans have kimchi and Tuareg have yogurt.

Yes, we in the First World countries have yoghurt. Unfortunately this ‘yoghurt’ is often a far cry from the original. We have added sugar, cornstarch (GMO), stabilizers, flavours and due to some commercial yoghurt manufacturing processes, the natural friendly micro-organisms that create the yoghurt are killed. So many people think that because they are eating yoghurt, they are eating healthily. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In order digest and absorb our food optimally, we need our gut flora to be in healthy balance.

So, what are you going to do today to increase the good guys in your gut?


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