How lucky we are to be Carers! We can use our daily work to help us stay fit! No gym fees for us!

The nature of the work is more physical than a desk job and you can capitalise on this by actively and consciously using your body to stay fit. Do not under estimate the value of housework as a means of keeping your body functioning well.

Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine will help keep you active.

BACK: When you make a bed, do not bend over to tuck the sheets and blankets in. Use this opportunity to put in some squats. Not only will you strengthen your thigh muscles, you will also save your back.

PELVIC AREA: While waiting for the pot to boil, pull your stomach and bottom in, and hold for as long as you can. Do your pelvic floor exercises. Repeat as many times as you can. Contact me if you do not know how to locate these. Every time you deal with a client who is incontinent, remember that you can prevent this occurring in yourself by being diligent in keeping yourself in trim.

TUMMY: When sitting at table, sit up straight and pull your stomach muscles tight. When walking down the passage do the same.

THIGHS: When you go upstairs, run up. Go up and down the stairs as many times in the day as you can. Find reasons to.

CADIO: Swing your arms when running up the stairs. Exaggerate the movement and twist your abdomen, first one way then the other.

ARMS: While carrying the wash basket, pull your tummy and bottom tight and hold the basket away from your body slightly.

STRETCH: While hanging up the washing, really give your body a stretch. Reach as high as you can. Squat down to pick the washing up.

GENERAL: When sweeping, alternate the hands that you are using to sweep with. This works both sides of the body and keeps the brain active too. The same applies to dusting and ironing.

Remember to get outdoors each day.  A daily walk facilitates a good night’s sleep and helps keep us cheery. Sitting in a coffee shop with a pot of tea and a book contributes to keeping us sane.