Being so far away from home it is really important to keep in touch with family and friends. There are a number of ways to do this.

1.   The Post Office World Call card. (June 2011 – This service was suspended for a while and by  September 2011 it had been re-instated.) This allows you to make calls from a landline without incurring costs to the instrument owner. Just be aware that if you choose to use the 0800 number, the owner of the instrument (your client) will be charged .01p per minute. While this will not add up to a lot of money, it is a breach of trust and not very professional and will not make you popular with them. Use the 020 number rather. It can also be used from your mobile (cell) and if you have free minutes, may cost you nothing.

2.    Pay as you go sim. Talk Mobile has a really good deal at the moment (June 2011) and you can get free minutes to SA by choosing World Wide rewards.

3.    Skype. Buying a cheap NotePad (small laptop) is an easy way to keep in touch by using Skype if you do not have a laptop. Calls are free if you use the Skype to Skype option. Make sure the one you buy does support Skype.  That means you dial from your computer to another computer. You can also buy Skype credit and if you have paid in pounds, the rate to a SA landline is very reasonable. Calls to cells are a lot more expensive but a good way to stay in touch if the area you are staying in has a poor cell (mobile) signal.

4.    Within the UK. A pay as you go sim or a mobile on contract will be the way to go. With some mobile contracts (12 to 18 months) you get ‘free’ texts (sms’) and ‘free’ minutes per month and the facility to connect to the internet. Make sure that the Internet connection meets your needs. Can you get to read your email? Go to your favourite sites? Some may even support Skype. Let them show you that the phone you are after can do that.

5.    E-mail. A NotePad or laptop will allow you to send and receive emails. You can also access the Internet at your local library. Check times and costs.You can register with them temporarily if you say you are staying in the area.

Call Card

Call Card