Close your eyes


When scrubbing the inside of the loo with a loo brush, close your eyes! It is amazing how many times a tiny drop of water will be propelled off the bristle of the brush right into your eye! Stop scrubbing when you open your eyes to check to see if the stain has been scrubbed off. If not, close eyes and scrub away safe in the knowledge that your eyes are protected from projectile drops of unsanitary water!



Probiotics! This is the new buzz word. Have you had yours today? The misuse of anti-biotics over the past few decades has lead to super bugs that are anti-biotic resistant. What can we do? We can revert to using probiotics to keep our bodies and our environment in good health. [Read more…]

Oeuf Sur Le Plat

Oeuf sur le plat

Oeuf sur le plat

The French way of frying a soft egg is called oeuf sur le plat (egg on the dish).  This is then served in the little enamel dish that it was fried in. The best ones are made of thicker enamel and have two little handles. These are commonly available in France. [Read more…]

London Trip

14 February 2012: I went to London with friends. We did the Big Bus Tour in the open topped bus!  It was freezing and just part of the experience. Not too much point doing the tour if you can’t see properly. The bus ticket includes a Thames cruise, so we did that too. We sat up on deck in the biting cold to get the best vantage point.

We did a bit of walking too, and went to the Mayfair Hotel where my friend’s son worked for a few years until quite recently. We were treated like royalty by the staff. The loos are something else…. I kinda couldn’t find the doors at first. Everything is clad in black shiny stone, so it is difficult to differentiate the doors from the surrounds. We wondered around and checked out the dining room which was being prepared for the Valentine’s night dinner. I think going to the Mayfair was the highlight of my day.

Mayfair Hotel

Mayfair Hotel

Then we walked through Piccadilly where my friends were photographed by Samsung promoters and their photo appeared up on the Samsung ad that flashes up on the side of the one building!  A statue of cupid stands in the middle of Piccadilly and there had been 3 proposes of marriage by the time we got there! We saw one in progress, and she said yes!!! And at the end of this month, being a leap year, the girls can ask the guys to marry them. Watch out, guys!

Fame in Piccadilly

Fame in Piccadilly

We continued on, as we wanted to get to Covent Gardens for good food.  We were headed to Neal’s Yard which is a tiny area where healthy vegetarian food can be got. We stopped at one restaurant where we got veggie juice but did not stay for food as we did not like the music and the atmosphere. Then we found a raw food restaurant but they were only serving food from 7pm and it was too long for us to wait. We all would really have liked to have eaten there. I would go back there for the food!  You can see the food being made, and the staff were all happy and friendly. They really enjoy what they are doing. We wondered off to another place that had been recommended called Food for Thought, this amazingly tiny place where you might have to share a table with others as it is so small!  What a novel idea and a wonderful way to meet new folk. We had lovely home cooked veggie food!! Just what my body needed! We all felt better afterwards.

Food For Thought

Food For Thought

By that time it was dark and then we had to catch the tube!!!! In rush hour!!!! An experience that Liz will never forget. She couldn’t get her head around how many people there were and why the tube was still so busy at 6.30pm.  A wonderful day was had by all and we all slept well that night!

Simon’s Town

Simon's Town Spring Regatta

Simon’s Town Spring Regatta

This weekend sees the celebration of the Simon’s Town Spring Festival over the three days of 23, 24 and 25 September 2011. It also takes in Heritage Day, 24th September.

I have woken up early, before the duiker colony on Ark Rock, outside my window. They are waiting for their advant-garde to bring back the news of where the fish are! There is little wind to-day, thank goodness. Why do I always forget that the wind blows so here?

The wind has been good for the False Bay Yacht Club Spring Regatta.  Not sure what they will do to-day? The yachts made such a pretty picture on The Bay yesterday, their white sails billowing out, trying not to keel over.  In the afternoon there were yachts with grey sails.  Not sure what class they were?

There are so many things to do! I am deciding whether I will go down to Long Beach, Simon’s Town (not to be confused with Long Beach, Noordhoek)  to see the start of the Paddlers Annual Spring Kayak Race. Am sure I could get a good vantage point from the road to Redhill. There will also be a motorcycle display on the Town Jetty with Harley Davidsons.  A must of course!

Think I will go and have breakfast overlooking the Jetty!




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You made it! Welcome to the United Kingdom where you will find:

Honesty is a given.

Smile at a chap and he doesn’t necessarily think it is a come on.

Bathrooms and kitchens are carpeted.

Aeroplanes make plane trails in the sky like loads of snail trails.

The sky is criss crossed with pink plane trails at sundown and sunset.

Milk is delivered in glass bottles and left on doorsteps. As is the payment!

The air is crisp.

The possibilities are endless.

Drivers pump their own petrol and then go inside the driveway shop to pay!

A land with no wind. No south easter blowing continuously! Okay so not all of you come from the Deep South (Cape Peninsula).

You can buy eggs, honey, jams and veggies from the side of the road. No vendor is there to tempt you to buy more and you put your payment in an ‘honesty box’! Now how cool it THAT?!

England is bordered on the West by Wales, the East by the North Sea, the North by Scotland and the South by the English Channel, with France across the water.

Great Britian is made up of England, Scotland in the North, and of Wales in the West and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom is made up of, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many smaller islands.