Oeuf Sur Le Plat

Oeuf sur le plat

Oeuf sur le plat

The French way of frying a soft egg is called oeuf sur le plat (egg on the dish).  This is then served in the little enamel dish that it was fried in. The best ones are made of thicker enamel and have two little handles. These are commonly available in France. [Read more…]

BT Answer phone

On a BT (British Telecom) landline, if you dial 1571 who will be able to pick up any messages left on the answer phone.

If you dial 1471 on the telephone, you will be able to see/hear who the last caller was.




As a Care Giver working through an agency, you will be self employed. Whether you need to register with HMR&C (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) will depend on your intention to remain in UK. If you are in the country for 183 days per year you will need to register. As it is a bit complicated to work out which side of the line you fall, it is useful to use a company like 1stContact to evaluate your situation.

Or you can deal directly with HMR&C. They are most helpful if you have a head for doing your own paperwork.

The agency you work through should give you the information that you need in order to register. There is an information book with a form that you need to fill in. Make sure you put money aside each week or month at a rate of at least 22% of your earnings so as not to have a heart attack when you get your Tax Statement.

South Africa and the UK have a reciprocal tax agreement. This means that you may have to pay tax on your UK earnings to the SA Revenue Service but you would not have to pay in both countries.

Feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions that I can or point you in the correct direction.




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You made it! Welcome to the United Kingdom where you will find:

Honesty is a given.

Smile at a chap and he doesn’t necessarily think it is a come on.

Bathrooms and kitchens are carpeted.

Aeroplanes make plane trails in the sky like loads of snail trails.

The sky is criss crossed with pink plane trails at sundown and sunset.

Milk is delivered in glass bottles and left on doorsteps. As is the payment!

The air is crisp.

The possibilities are endless.

Drivers pump their own petrol and then go inside the driveway shop to pay!

A land with no wind. No south easter blowing continuously! Okay so not all of you come from the Deep South (Cape Peninsula).

You can buy eggs, honey, jams and veggies from the side of the road. No vendor is there to tempt you to buy more and you put your payment in an ‘honesty box’! Now how cool it THAT?!

England is bordered on the West by Wales, the East by the North Sea, the North by Scotland and the South by the English Channel, with France across the water.

Great Britian is made up of England, Scotland in the North, and of Wales in the West and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom is made up of, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many smaller islands.