When scrubbing the inside of the loo with a loo brush, close your eyes! It is amazing how many times a tiny drop of water will be propelled off the bristle of the brush right into your eye! Stop scrubbing when you open your eyes to check to see if the stain has been scrubbed… [Continue Reading]

Probiotics! This is the new buzz word. Have you had yours today? The misuse of anti-biotics over the past few decades has lead to super bugs that are anti-biotic resistant. What can we do? We can revert to using probiotics to keep our bodies and our environment in good health.

The French way of frying a soft egg is called oeuf sur le plat (egg on the dish).  This is then served in the little enamel dish that it was fried in. The best ones are made of thicker enamel and have two little handles. These are commonly available in France.

Oeuf sur le plat

14 February 2012: I went to London with friends. We did the Big Bus Tour in the open topped bus!  It was freezing and just part of the experience. Not too much point doing the tour if you can’t see properly. The bus ticket includes a Thames cruise, so we did that too. We sat… [Continue Reading]

Fame in Piccadilly

This weekend sees the celebration of the Simon’s Town Spring Festival over the three days of 23, 24 and 25 September 2011. It also takes in Heritage Day, 24th September. I have woken up early, before the duiker colony on Ark Rock, outside my window. They are waiting for their advant-garde to bring back the news… [Continue Reading]

Simon's Town Spring Regatta